I'm researching "social responsibility" in the business world and need an article written in the past month.
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Business articles from resources such as Business Week (also known as Bloomburg BusinessweekForbes or Fortune can be found using the Business Source Premier database. To access this resource, please visit our Research Guide to Business.

  1. In the Business Source Premier database, start out by clicking the Advanced Search option.
  2. Be strategic about terms. In this database, the phrase "social responsibility" is a helpful search term. Since all of the content you are searching is from the business world, there is no need to add additional terms. When using a phrase like this, make sure to enter it in your search box with quotes to keep the terms together in your results. 
  3. There is a "Search Options" box underneath the search field. One section of this box is called "Limit your results." Within this section you can specify a date range and limit results to full text. Follows is a screenshot showing these limiters: 

This search should bring up a set of recent articles. On your search results page, you can further limit your results to magazines to focus in on results from sources such as Forbes or Fortune. In addition to searching for "social responsibility", it will be worthwhile to try terms for related ideas such as environmentalism, charitable, and philanthropy. 

Finally, if you are not on campus, you will need an AACC photo ID or Truxal Library card to access this databases. When you click on either Business Source Premier database, you will get a prompt to enter the entire 13-digit barcode number from the back of either type of card. Once you have signed in to one of these databases, you should be able to move from one database to another for the duration of your online session. If you have questions about getting a card, see the additional FAQs below.

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