Where do I find things that are on reserve?
Last updated: Mar 17, 2023     Views: 110

Course reserves are textbooks, DVDs, and other materials that are kept in the library for student use. To borrow them, visit the Circulation Desk on the second floor of the library. It's especially helpful if you can tell the staff your course number (such as BIO101 or PSY211) and/or the title of the item.

If the library doesn't have your textbook, complete a short form at the desk to request that it be added to the collection. Circulation staff will buy it (if available) and notify you when it's ready to be checked out.

You may also search for reserves in the library catalog.  You can search by title, if you know it:
Catalog search example, option Title selected from Search Field dropdown and keywords audism unveiled typed in textbox. Audism is spelled a, u, d, i, s, m.

If you don't know the title, use the Reserves search to see all items on reserve for a course. Your best bet is to search by course ID:
Switch to Reserves search from nav menu. On that page, select Course ID from the field dropdown then enter a course number like COM111, then search.

Textbooks for cross-listed courses (such as AFA/HIS214) or used in multiple courses (like ENG101/102) can be a little trickier to find! Try searching for just the 3-letter discipline – such as COM instead of COM111 – to select from a list of courses. If you still can't find what you need, visit the Circulation Desk or contact 410-777-2238 or circdesk@aacc.edu.

Borrowing periods vary by item and professor and are listed in the item's catalog record. Note that many reserve items cannot be taken outside the library, so plan ahead: make sure you have enough time to watch a DVD or complete your work before leaving campus.