What would be the best library databases to use for a research paper?
Last updated: Aug 09, 2023     Views: 481

There are many good options available at Truxal Library! The answer really depends on the topic, and the type of resources needed for your research. However, here are a couple of resources that seem to work well for a lot of assignments:

A great database for getting the sort of background information is CREDO. This is a collection of reference books, so it provides the kind of background information you might find in a source like Wikipedia, except much easier to cite!

A great overall database for locating articles is Academic Search Premier. This database is full of full-text journals, which contain scholarly or peer-reviewed articles, as well as articles from popular sources such as magazines and newspapers. 

If you don't find what you need in these resources, I suggest looking through our resources by topic. There are two ways to sort our resources by topic:

You are also welcome to get in touch with us with more details about your research topic. We would be delighted to make more specific recommendations!