I have a specific list of articles to look up for my PSY-111 assignment. How do I do this?
Last updated: Dec 22, 2021     Views: 115

Here are the steps for accessing articles listed in the PSY-111 journal review assignment.

  • These articles are all available in the APA PsycArticles database.
  • If you are not on campus, you will be prompted to log in with your MyAACC account or Truxal library card number.
  • Once you are in PsycArticles, select "advanced search" and enter the title of your article in the top search box. Also change the dropdown box that is to the right of the search box from "select a field" to "title." Here's a screenshot showing how this will look:
  • A record for the article should come right up. Just click on the title to see the description (abstract) of the article and to access a PDF file of the full text.