What parts of the library are quietest?
Last updated: Mar 08, 2023     Views: 125

There is a silent study room on the third floor of the library.  (The third floor also tends to be quieter overall, though only the designated room, LBRY 321, is expected to be silent.)

On the second floor, areas farthest away from the entrance/circulation desk and from the stairwell will be quieter.  Likewise, on the first floor, the quietest area is away from the entrance and the TLC lab, near the reference collection.

Group study rooms are located on the second and third floors. These are intended primarily for groups of 2 or more; if you are in a study room alone, you may be asked to leave if a group requests use of the room.

If other patrons are being disruptive, please let a staff member know!  Visit the reference desk (1st floor) or circulation desk (2nd floor) for assistance.  You may also let a service desk know by calling, texting, or using the web form to report the issue and your location in the building.