I have a question about borrowing a laptop!
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Who can borrow laptops?

Students who are currently enrolled and in good standing at AACC are eligible to borrow laptops. (Certain narrow exceptions may apply. For example, enrollment in some short-term noncredit classes may not qualify; library staff will seek input from relevant departments in the case of such requests.) Students who have failed to comply with a library laptop agreement in the past may no longer be eligible to borrow.

If demand exceeds the supply of laptops, other eligibility factors may be considered, with the input of faculty and/or Student Services. (Please note that library staff are not in the position to assess individual circumstances, so your request may be referred to appropriate parties if more information is needed.)

How do I request a laptop?

Contact the library's Circulation department at circdesk@aacc.edu from your MyAACC email to start the process. Further action will be required, so monitor your email for our response. Note that requests can typically be processed up to one month before the course begins; if your class does not start for more than a month, please wait to contact the library.

Based on the number and types of laptops available when you submit your request, it may take up to one week for your request to be fulfilled.

What kind of laptop will I receive?

The standard model is a PC laptop with Microsoft Office suite, as well as certain basic software and a built-in webcam. You may install other software required for your coursework; contact your professor if you have a question about software licenses.

Some departments and programs have provided specialty laptops. When library staff verify your enrollment, they will note whether you are enrolled in a class that requires a specialty device. (Therefore, it's recommended that you wait until you have enrolled in all of your classes for the term before submitting your request.) If you aren't enrolled in one of these courses, you will receive a standard laptop.

Can I save files to the laptop?

Yes. However, it's recommended that you save files to your student OneDrive, another cloud service, and/or external (USB) storage. The college is not responsible for lost or damaged files, and all personal files will be deleted immediately upon return of the device.

Can I install software for my class?

Yes, you may install programs needed to complete coursework, as long as that installation does not violate the college's Acceptable Use of Technology Resources Policy. If you need assistance installing software, please contact the helpdesk (see information about tech support below).

Do I need to "reset" the laptop before returning it to remove my personal information?

Laptops will be reimaged by the Information and Instructional Technology (IIT) division upon return, so you do not need to clear personal information or files. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact helpdesk@aacc.edu.

How will I receive and return the laptop?

Once you are approved to borrow, you will be sent a combined contract and request form. On that form, you will have the option to select from certain pickup options. If you're a distance student and unable to come to an AACC location (Arnold, Arundel Mills, or Glen Burnie), you may request home delivery.

All options require some lead time; therefore, please submit your request as soon as possible and monitor your student email for communication from library staff. Staff cannot guarantee a laptop will be immediately available when you visit the library, so please plan ahead accordingly.

How long can I keep the laptop?

A due date will be assigned to you at checkout; if you forget that due date, see your MyAACC email or contact circdesk@aacc.edu. The typical loan period is the duration of your course/s, plus a few days; for example, if your summer classes end August 17, you may be assigned a due date of August 19.

About 10-14 days before your due date, you will receive a reminder by email. If you wish to keep the laptop for the next term, you will have the opportunity to request renewal (an extension of your loan). Note that you must complete the renewal form linked in that email; renewals are not automatic.

What does it cost to borrow a laptop from the library?

There is no fee to borrow a laptop. However, borrowers are responsible for returning the laptop on time and in good condition.

  • If a laptop is damaged or lost while in your charge, you will be billed for its repair or replacement.
  • Stolen laptops should be reported immediately to AACC's Department of Public Safety and Police at 410-777-2440.
  • If you return a laptop late, the college reserves the right to charge overdue fines. Failure to return a laptop by 90 days past the due date will result in referral to the college's collections process.
  • If you fail to return a laptop by 90 days past the due date, it may be considered stolen and reported to AACC's Department of Public Safety and Police, who will take steps to recover it.

Be sure to read the user agreement carefully for more details.

What if I need technical support?

For tech support, including password inquiries and help installing programs, contact the Technical Service Desk at helpdesk@aacc.edu or 410-777-4357. See also in-person hours for the Technical Service Desk, located in the Careers (CRSC) building, room 108.

Is my use of a college laptop private?

AACC technology resources are managed by the Division of Information and Instructional Technology according to the College's Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Procedures, which includes certain monitoring rights in alignment with the Acceptable Use of Technology Resources Policy. Please contact the helpdesk with any questions or concerns.

I have another question!

Contact the Circulation Desk at circdesk@aacc.edu or 410-777-2238.