Can I keep the laptop I borrowed for next semester?
Last updated: Apr 09, 2024     Views: 127

Typically, if you are registered for classes for the next semester, yes, you will be able to renew. Note that this is not automatic: you must complete the renewal form that is emailed to you.

If you've borrowed a laptop or other device, a due date (the date by which items must be returned) was given to you; if you're not sure what that date is, please check your student email for the confirmation message from the Circulation Desk, or contact to inquire.

About two weeks before your due date, you will receive a notice at your student email address reminding you that you have items due. This message will also include a link to a web form, which you should use to request that your devices be renewed (that is, that the loan period be extended).

  • If you have registered for classes (or can provide documentation that you are taking an Incomplete grade), you must complete the form to request a renewal.
    • If you do not complete the renewal form, your device will be considered overdue once the due date has passed and relevant penalties will apply.
  • If you have not enrolled but intend to do so, please register for your classes before submitting your renewal request.
  • If you are not taking any classes after your due date, you must return all devices by the due date – no exceptions.

Once you submit a renewal request, please monitor your MyAACC student email for confirmation of your new due date.