How do I find a peer-reviewed journal article related to interdisciplinary collaboration for a treatment of a specific disease?
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Searching Strategies

Interdisciplinary teams are also called multidisciplinary teams, so those terms are fairly interchangeable in health care literature. They are often referred to health care teams, patient care teams, critical care teams or palliative care teams, and the work they do is often called integrated care, treatment, therapy, etc. A subject heading that’s often used is interprofessional relationships.

When searching in a database, these keywords should be helpful:

interdisciplin* or multidisciplin* or integrat* or “care team*" or interprofessional

Where to Search

See our Research Guide to Health and Wellness for a list of article databases that are best suited to this research. In particular, Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition would be a great collection to try first. In addition, these specific journal titles should be useful for this research: