What happens if I keep library books overdue?
Last updated: Jul 05, 2023     Views: 92

Due dates are provided for all materials at checkout. If you forget your due date, you can check your account in the library's online catalog or contact the Circulation department at circdesk@aacc.edu or 410-777-2238. To keep items longer, please remember to renew your loans before the due date. Note that renewals are not automatic: it is your responsibility to request extension of any loan.

If you do not return items on time:

  1. At 5 days past the due date, you will be sent a first overdue notice.
  2. At 30 days past due, you will be sent a second overdue notice.
    • At 30 days past due or when overdue fines reach $6 (whichever comes first), a hold will be placed on college records for student and county resident borrowers. Holds prevent you from adding, dropping, or withdrawing from classes. The hold will not be removed until your account is brought up to date.
  3. When any item on your account exceeds 50 days past due, you will be billed for the item's replacement cost plus a standard processing fee. A letter will be sent to your address on file notifying you of the bill.
    • If you fail to respond to the bill, your account may be referred to the college's collections process. Unresolved accounts may be forwarded to an outside collection agency, in which case you will be held responsible for all library fines, reasonable attorney's fees, and collection costs.

While the library no longer charges overdue fines for standard circulating books (books from the "stacks"), overdue fines are charged for other types of items, including but not limited to reserve textbooks and electronic devices. Note that fine rates vary by material type and may be labeled on the item itself. If you aren't sure what the fine rate is for an item you're borrowing, please contact the Circulation Department.

Other items, including reserve textbooks, do incur overdue fines note, in particular, that fines for reserve materials are significantly higher to encourage their timely return.  A first overdue notice is mailed once an item is 5 days overdue.

For more information about borrowing, see How to Borrow and Return.